Winning Design

BDAA National Awards 2016

Winning Design is a showcase of the best that our country and industry has to offer.

  • Launched at our annual dinner on Thursday, 15 September 2016
  • 500 copies are delivered to the awards dinner
  • 5,000 copies are delivered to newsagents across Australia
  • The e-Book will be promoted on in every state across Australia targeting home buyers and renovators through adverts in the New Homes section of
  • The digital edition will be sent to the National and State offices of PCA, PIA, AIB
  • 100 pages of detailed information
  • Digital edition eBook

BDAA members can produce the design for your residential, commercial or industrial project. BDAA members see things from your point of view and put many years of practical experience into shaping your project.

Building Designers Association of Australia is the peak coordinating body for Building Designers Associations in Australia. We are recognised as a proactive leader on issues affecting the built environment and the building industry.

Estimates indicate that Building Designers prepare about 80% of all documentation submitted to Councils for Building Approval. On average, each member designs and documents building work to the value of about $7 million every year. This is a staggering total of $10 billion dollars per annum, or about 40% (by value) of all building work in Australia.

Important dates

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