Singapore Airlines

A luxurious and exclusive travel and lifestyle magazine tailored to a distinguished, jet-set audience. This award-winning publication captures the essence of luxury lifestyles and special experiences with high-quality writing, sophisticated design and exquisite photography.

  • Frequency: Monthly

  • Readership: 320,000 per issue

  • Distribution: Every seat pocket, Over 100 Singapore Airlines and SilkAir sales offices

  • Language: English & Chinese

  • Who's reading SilkAir? 31–50 years old | The highest income frequent travellers in Asia

  • Destinations: A Singapore-based full-service airline, SilkAir currently flies to 52 destinations across 14 countries and is the regional wing of Singapore Airlines

  • Awards: Silkwinds is the multi-award winning inflight magazine of SilkAir, the leading regional carrier of Singapore Airlines

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